Hobbitstee Purebred Toggenburg and Alpine Goats

Who we are

Chantal Theijn (Founder/AWC)

I am both the founder and the Authorized Wildlife Custodian at Hobbitstee. I started Hobbitstee in 2007 with the hope of caring for approximately 30 animals a year. Since 2007 we have grown Hobbitstee into a facility, which cares for over 2000 animals a year.

My professional background and education are agricultural based, in animal reproduction, animal nutrition and animal health.

I am passionate about leaving wildlife wild, habitat protection/restoration, research, but also our young offender programs.

Dave Lowe (Second in Command)

Danielle Lowe (Chantal's Right Hand)

Vanessa Smith (Outreach Coordinator)

I have been passionate about the outdoors and our natural environment since I was a very young child; the outdoors was my second home.

My love for all things nature lead to me acquiring two diplomas from Sir Sandford Fleming College and science degrees in both biology and environmental resource science from Trent University.

While going to school, I volunteered at the Kawartha Turtle Trauma center as a turtle care provider and doing outreach and education. Upon my completion of school, I spent many years in the consultant industry doing geotechnical and environmental work.

After deciding to move back home I began doing volunteer work with the Long Point Basin Land Trust doing snake and turtle surveys, as well as assisting and participating in various workshops.

I also began volunteering at Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge assisting in wildlife care, fundraising and now doing education and outreach. Conservation is a passion of mine. Hobbitstee falls in line with my passion and belief in keeping wildlife wild.

Julie Madill (Vet Tech/Wildlife Driver)

Tiffany Trebych-Fuller (Wildlife Volunteer/Driver)

Kaeden McGregor (Wildlife Volunteer)

Sid Graton (Wildlife Volunteer/Maintenance)

Jayne Douglas (Wildlife Driver)

My name is Jayne, and I am a volunteer driver for Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge in Jarvis Ontario.

I have been a Reg. nurse for 40 years, so I guess you could say caring is in my nature. When I “semi-retired”, I knew I wanted to volunteer my spare time with some animal organization.

Originally, I thought I would volunteer at the local humane society – walking dogs, socializing cats etc., but soon came to realize I would be too distraught leaving them all behind.

A friend made me aware of Hobbitstee. He works with the Hamilton Animal Services and I would hear of his rescues and the wonderful work Hobbitstee did. Now there was something I could help with, and I wouldn’t be tempted to bring anything wild home.

A text message sent, and it wasn’t long till I was tagging along with another volunteer driver, learning the ins and outs of what was expected. It is a beautiful drive to Hobbitstee; country roads through farm land with lots of cows and horses and sheep and goats and yes, farm equipment on the road. Good for the soul – clears the mind.

Seeing the various wildlife up close as I have never seen them before is amazing. Knowing that Chantal and her volunteer helpers are extremely knowledgeable and so very caring for anything and everything that comes through their door, made my decision easy.

Getting updates on my “passengers” is heartwarming. And for those whose injuries are too severe, and euthanasia is the only option, I thank God Chantal is there to relieve them of their suffering. No animal should suffer, no matter what they are.

I have had the pleasure of releasing a couple of healthy animals back to their “homes”. Watching them run off in the bush is all the thanks you need. So, I say, volunteer – you will love the experience.

Kelly Herbert-McConnel (Wildlife Driver)

Hi my name is Kelly and I came across this wonderful organization called Hobbitstee on facebook. I started following their page and watched all the amazing things they do for wildlife.

One day I noticed a post that they required a driver to get a wee critter to them for help. As a lover of animals and holder of a driver's license it was an easy decision.

The animal was close to where I lived and was all packaged up ready for transport. This critter had a chance because he was able to get to Hobbitstee. All I had to do was drive it there...easy!

That's when I knew I would become a volunteed driver. Such a seemingly small gesture that that means a world of difference to that animal.

If you're like me and love animals and would like to make a difference please consider becoming a volunteer driver. They can't be helped if they can't get there. Please help save a critter's life and become a volunteer driver. I love what I do...I know I've made a difference and that is a great feeling.