Hobbitstee Purebred Toggenburg and Alpine Goats

Volunteering at Hobbitstee

Hobbitstee is an all-volunteer charitable organization that cares for sick, injured, orphaned or displaced native Ontario wildlife, with the ultimate goal of returning them to the wild. Hobbitstee is licensed with Canadian Wildlife Service and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources but does not receive funding from either regulatory agency. The centre depends on the financial support of the community and volunteer service to assist with the day-to-day operations. There are many opportunities for volunteer work at Hobbitstee, including hands on wildlife care, building and maintenance, environmental educational programs, fundraising and administrative duties.

Please note that people who volunteer with the wildlife must be vaccinated against rabies. We need a copy of your proof of vaccination onfile for all our volunteers. We also require a vunerable sector bacground check on file.

The majority of the Hobbitstee Volunteers are Young Offenders, At-risk Youth or Adult Offenders who are send to us through a variety of agencies. We strongly believe in providing people who fall in these categories with meaningful activities and learning oppertunities.

Aside from the volunteers from the above mentioned vunerable sectors we have need of volunteers for the following positions:

- Volunteer Drivers (to transport wildlife)
- Handy People (to help maintain and build enclosures etc)
- Public Outreach, Event Organizers and fundraising people

If you are interested in volunteering with Hobbitstee please Click Here and fill out the volunteer application.

Due to the vunerable nature of some of our volunteers we ask that all our volunteers are open minded, understanding, willing to work with and able the help guide some of our youth.

At Hobbitstee we adhere to a strict code of conduct and all rules and regulations must be followed by all volunteers. Rules might be amended when and where required at any time. Photographing or taking video of any of the wildlife or the facility without prior permission is not allowed and will lead to immediate dismissal.

Hobbitstee is not open to the public as it adds stress to the animals and is a detriment to their recovery therefore you will not be allowed to bring people to the facility without prior approval. It is also a violation of the Fish & Wildlife Act for any wildlife in the centre to be on public display.