Hobbitstee Purebred Toggenburg and Alpine Goats

What We Do

Every year Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge cares for several thousand injured, orphaned, sick and displaced wildlife. Sadly, many of these animals are in distress as a direct result of human activity. As a part of our mandate, we work on habitat protection and restoration, and education and mitigation to help prevent wildlife from being in distress in the first place. We initiate and participate in various research studies to help bring about mitigation in the form of habitat protection, preservation and road mortality prevention. Aside from that, we offer assistance to several thousand wild animals annually by providing medical care and a safe environment for them to recover from their injuries or illness while ensuring we keep the animal's wild nature in mind.

Education: Showing people methods to coexist with wildlife peacefully

Research: Demonstrating through data collection the need to put in place measures to prevent road mortality and the importance of habitat protection/restoration

Mitigation: By offering up viable solutions to reduce wildlife from being in distress and utilizing our volunteer workforce to assist with implementing mitigating measures

Rehabilitation: When we can't prevent wildlife from being in distress, we offer assistance (medically) to the animal in hopes of successfully returning them to the wild where they belong.

We create change by putting in place real and practical solutions and measures to prevent wildlife from distress. When that can't be prevented, we provide medical care and a safe haven for the animal until it is fit to return to the wild. Our wish as a wildlife rehabilitation centre and wildlife educational provider is that we will no longer be needed, but we are needed. Therefore, we strive to grow into a state-of-the-art wildlife rehabilitation, research and education centre for the health and well-being of all wildlife. We work with an all-volunteer staff and rely on donations and grants for funding. So 100% of your donations go toward the wildlife we care for.