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Wetland restoration and habitat enhancement project

Hobbitstee has embraced on a rather large undertaking. The newly purchased property consist of 30 acres of forrest and 17 workable farmland with 11 acres of Provincially Significant Wetland (PSW) mixed in.

Agricultural practices have unfortunately eroded the PSW as well as the many vernal pools present on the farmable portion of the property.

With the help of a huge team of specialists (who will all donate their time) and a group of volunteers efforts will be underway to start the arduous task of restoring the wetlands and vernal pools, buffering them with native plants and vegetation, removing invasive species, enhancing the wildlife habitat we have, enhancing the “accidental meadow’ and recently established tall grass prairie while monitoring present species, water quality and bring back some of the species of flora and fauna historically present, but not seen in recent years.

We are very happy to work with the Mississaugas of the Credit on this. This property is on their ancestral lands. We hope to have a change to learn as much as possible about this property.

Stay tuned as we will post blog posts and regular updates as we go through this process.

We are looking for volunteers to help with this project for more infomration please visit the Volunteer page

Blog Post:

Thoughts from a Bog Dweller by Lisa

The Accidental Meadow by Chantal

The Story of Peacock Point by Lisa

Some video footage of the wetland, forrests and meadows on the Hobbitstee property: