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Fishline Project

Every year we receive a plethora of waterfowl and shorebirds entangled in fishing line.

The solution is easy: Take your garbage with you when you are done fishing!

Another issue we deal with is turtles who have swallowed a fishhook. When this happens, please don’t simply cut your line, but contain the turtle and find it help. You can call us anytime for a hooked turtle and the subsequent care is at no charge to you.

We are on a mission to raise awareness for these issues. Please support us but sharing our post on social media and through leading by example while educating others.

We have installed specially designed fish-line collection receptacles at many popular fish locations in Haldimand County. The line collected from these receptacles will be send to a recycling plant who will transform the discarded line into fish habitat structures.

We are hoping to expand this project into surrounding counties.

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