Hobbitstee Purebred Toggenburg and Alpine Goats

Hobbitstee Wildlife Assistant Intern Program

We offer limited opportunities for wildlife assistant interns. Apply now for the 2020 season which runs from April 1st - September 1st. This is a great opportunity for students who are not afraid to get dirty to gain some valuable practical wildlife experience.

We are a small rehab facility, but we rehab a lot and wildlife of a very large variety of species. Our team is very small and we are looking for individuals who can fit in as seamlessly as possible.

This is a highly competitive program and we chose the students who we believe will fit the best.

Your duties

  • Complete animal intake and documenting information
  • Feeding animals from infant to adult
  • Maintain health and feeding records for rehab animals
  • Clean and disinfect cages, bowls and buckets
  • Clean indoor and outside enclosures and occasionally assist in the maintenance or repair
  • Participate in keeping things clean and tidy
  • Assist with special events
  • Transfer / release animals into the wild
  • Other duties as assigned from time to time
  • What you need to know before you apply…


  • Rabies vaccines are mandatory. Proof of inoculation is required
  • Prior to submitting an application, please check with your Doctor for availability and cost of Rabies vaccines. In the Province of Ontario, the cost is approx. $900 and is not covered by health care plans
  • Tetanus is highly recommended
  • Full-time commitment:

  • We require a minimum 4 consecutive weeks of volunteer service
  • Shifts are 5 days a week from 8 am - 5 pm
  • Requirement:

  • Our full-time Wildlife Animal Care Assistant volunteers must be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • Preference is given to students who study in a relevant field
  • Having a driver’s license and your own vehicle are an asset
  • Obligation:

  • Each volunteer will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement
  • Liability waivers including injury and zoonotic diseases
  • Review and acceptance of our Policy and Procedure
  • Please be advised that you may not have a cell phone, camera or other recording device with you during your work with us. Photographs of our wildlife may only be taken with consent from your supervisor
  • Living Arrangements:

  • We have limited options for onsite living arrangements, but we have nice motel options within a stone throw of our facility
  • Other:

  • Understand that we care for all species of wildlife and that our predators get fed a carnivorous diet, which means that you might have to handle animal-based food sources
  • Decisions are made based on the best interest of the wildlife in care and not humans
  • You will get dirty
  • Not all wildlife make it and some will need to be euthanized
  • Our work environment is super fast paced and we require volunteers who are extraordinarily flexible and adaptable
  • If you can manage all this, you will have a very rewarding experience
  • Please send a cover letter and resume to: chantal@hobbitstee.com
    (Make sure to include your availibility and for how long you would like to volunteer)