Hobbitstee Purebred Toggenburg and Alpine Goats

Welcome to Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge

Hobbitstee is an all-volunteer non-for-profit organization that cares for sick, injured, orphaned or displaced native Ontario wildlife, with the ultimate goal of returning them to the wild. Hobbitstee is licensed with Canadian Wildlife Service and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources but does not receive funding from either regulatory agency. The centre depends on the financial support of the community and volunteer service to assist with the day-to-day operations.

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We rehabilitate:

  • Rabies Vector Species. Includes bats, fox, skunk, raccoon.
  • Herptiles. Includes turtle, lizard, frog, toad.
  • Small Mammals. Includes squirrel, chipmunk, rabbit, hare, opossum.
  • Carnivores. Includes marten, mink, weasel, shrew, badger, fox and coyote
  • Ungulates (hoofed animals). Includes moose, deer, elk.
  • Semi-Aquatic Mammals. Includes beaver, otter, muskrat.
  • Birds Includes waterfowl, songbirds (Bobolink)

You found wildlife?

If you think you have found a wild animal in need of help CLICK HERE

Please read the information provided prior to acting.

A lot of animals such as deer, rabbits and raccoons leave their off spring for long periods of time to go and feed.

As humans we often consider these babies in need of help when in fact they are fine.


Volunteer Opportunity

We are currently actively recruiting for two managerial positions on a volunteer basis
(please apply in writing before August 20th, 2016)

  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Public Outreach and Event Coordinator

  • Check out our online fundraiserrunning from Aug 14th-Aug 28th: Online Auction

    Due to the nature of our authorization we do NOT allow visitors in the wildlife part of our facility.

    Do not under any circumstances drop off an animal without our prior knowledge. MNR rules dictate that all wildlife of unknow origin/location has to be euthanized...

    If you need our help you can contact us by calling: 519-587-2980 or EMAIL US
    We will get back to you asap and help you as best we can.